Granite is an intrusive (within the Earth's crust) igneous rock; the formation occurs by magma flowing into pockets deep beneath the Earth's surface. Over millions of years it cools and crystallizes. Granite is found all over the world. The more colorful and exotic granite slabs are found in Africa, Brazil, China, Italy, and India. Other exporters of granite are Argentina, Egypt, Finland, Iran, Norway, Sardinia, Spain, and the Ukraine. Granite is found in abundance in the United States but the colors are more compatible with monument and exterior works.

Granite weighs between 18 and 24 pounds per square foot and is 1.25 inches thick (3cm).
Some finished pieces can weigh in excess of 800 lbs.
Granite slabs are usually 3cm (1.25 inches) in thickness. They can also come in 2cm, but 3cm is recommended for countertops.
Granite slab dimensions are generally up to 68 inches in height and 115 inches in width. It is often necessary to seam pieces since the dimensions of the slab limit the length of an individual piece.

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