What We Do

Stone Art Creations is dedicated customer service representatives will help you every step of the way to ensure your project is completed in a timely fashion.
Our service representatives will work with a kitchen dealer to obtain all of the necessary information to begin a project, including the job site address, contact information, and the desired dates for template and installation. We will provide an estimated completion or installation date and will do our best to complete your order as quickly and efficiently as possible, but please understand that backorders do occur for some products.


We always recommend viewing your slabs. You are making and investment and should take the time to be sure that you are getting exactly what you have envisioned for your purchase. If you choose not to view your slab we require that you sign a waiver stating such. To save time, we suggest viewing your slabs 1 2 weeks before your scheduled template date.


The homeowner (or designated decision maker over the age of 18) must be present during the template. During this time our technicians will work with you to determine overhangs, radius corners, and any special design requirements. Therefore, it is recommended that this person be familiar with your project specifications.
To prepare your job site for template, all appliances, including cooktop, downdraft, sink, faucet, etc. should be onsite and in place for measurement. Our technicians may take any of these items that require a cutout be made in the countertop. This is to ensure that a precise cutout is made. We will return these items at the countertop installation.

Also, be sure to have your old countertops removed and cabinets leveled before our arrival. If necessary, your kitchen dealer can arrange to have the old tops removed for you. If this is the case please be sure to clear all items from the existing countertops before our arrival.


The homeowner (or designated decision maker over the age of 18) is required to be present for the entire installation. At this time our technicians will return any items that were taken at time of template. Our experienced installation technicians will put together any seams using color coordinated epoxy. All seams vary slightly and will be visible to the eye or touch. We will do our best to keep your home clean but some residual dust is to be expected. Our technicians may also need to make on-site adjustments to ensure that your countertops fit properly.

Finishing Your Installation:

Once your new countertops have been installed, our technicians will seek your satisfaction in the quality, fit, and condition of your countertops. Please take time to inspect the countertops before your sign our completion paperwork, and if you have any concerns please let our technicians know.
While the installation of your countertops will be complete, please understand that our installers are not plumbers or electricians. Any plumbing or wiring for your sinks and appliances will need to be handled independently.

Additionally, final wall preparation (including painting, wallpapering, tile) should be completed after the countertop installation scrapes, dings, and other incidental damage may occur as we maneauver heavy pieces of stone into place.

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